MT & GA: Bill Text Links No Longer Working


Hi there,

First, to introduce myself, I am Nick Stramp, a graduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle in the political science department. The Open States project has been a great help in my research, and when I get a little more time I would like to contribute to the project. I've found that two states appear to have updated their websites, making the links to bill text no longer accurate:

Montana: all bills now hosted at rather than The rest of the link structure hasn't changed (so I was able to adjust the URLs locally and get the text I needed).

Georgia: Open States currently links to html versions of bills for the 2011-12 session, which appear have been replaced by PDF versions only. Unlike MT, the link structure isn't buildable from the bill number (but seems to be the same as current GA bills), so this is where I could use some help.

Thanks for looking into these issues and your general work on the project,
Nick Stramp