AL Amendments, Substitutions, and Fiscal Notes


I work with a company called DSCS for state bill collection and used your code as a base for the updates to the AL site. While updating our code, I added collection for amendments, substitutions, and fiscal notes. I'm added the relevant information here for OpenStates to add to their own code base.

For Amendments and Substitutions, they are both figured the same. The file name is provided in column 3 of the history table. To determine which is based on the action itself of column 4. The file path is{sess_path}/PrintFiles/#{column 3}.pdf

For fiscal notes, it's a bit trickier. It's a post back to the bill url with the event target and argument being pulled from the table row for the fiscal note (in the javascript). When the page is returned, at the bottom is a bit of javascript that will be with a or an alert. If a, the URL provided is the direct link. If an alert, the filename is provided and the path just needs to be filled in.

Unfortunately I can't provide code samples as they are covered under an NDA with the company. The above information should be enough to figure out the rest.

Any further questions, I can be reached directly at


Andy Lo