Update NM scrapers to use new NM legislature website


The New Mexico legislature has a new site at http://www.nmlegis.gov:8080/. As per an email exchange with Seth Morris at the NM legislature site, the NM legislature will switch to its new site on May 1. The old site will no longer be available at that time. Open States probably should replace the scrapers before May 1 and then switch the URL to remove port 8080 on the new scrapers when the new site replaces the old one.

My questions:

(1) When will the old site currently at http://www.nmlegis.gov/ be removed? (2) Will the new site take that address, without the port 8080 that accessing the new site currently requires? (3) If the new site will be available at http://www.nmlegis.gov, do you have a target date for the change and will the new one continue to be available at http://www.nmlegis.gov:8080/ for a time period?

Seth's answers:

1. We will be replacing the old site with the new one on the weekend of May 1st.

2. Yes, the new website will be at www.nmlegis.gov and the old one will no longer be available.

3. We are making the switch over the weekend of May 1st. We will not keep the :8080 address up but the urls will not change except the removal of :8080. For example,

http://www.nmlegis.gov:8080/Calendar/Whats_Happening will become





Clifton McIntosh